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Life Safe

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The idea of Life Safe initially came about in high school after witnessing the aftermath of a fatal gang-related stabbing incident. Seeing someone die too soon helped put things into perspective and instill a sense of camaraderie. Life Safe believes in accessible education for all. That is why we are proud to be the first company to provide a free refresher course to students with a valid certificate, permitting available space in the course. We provide significantly discounted courses to underserved populations including immigrants, low-income segments of the population, aboriginal people, those of alternative sexual orientations, and high school students. Additionally, we will provide free mass training every month to help our community gain confidence and a positive attitude toward providing CPR. We will also provide quality first-aid videos on our social media that can be used as a refresher.

ife Safe provides WHMIS-approved First Aid courses, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation courses (CPR) and Basic Life Support courses (BLS) in a unique way that is supported by the latest cognitive science to help enhance retention of material. We use the latest CPR manikins with feedback devices that can evaluate the speed, depth, and recoil of the chest during chest compressions as well as the effectiveness of rescue breaths. We have an excellent team of instructors who share our value of putting the customers first.

Milos Radojcic is the owner of Life Safe. He has been teaching first aid and CPR for over 7 years. Milos is the highest-rated First Aid and CPR instructor by Google Reviews in Toronto. 
Some of the clients we have worked with:
The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Runnymede Healthcare Centre
University Health Network
University of Toronto
Seneca College
Seaton House

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Our Mission

Provide accessible safety education to everyone and give our students the confidence and skills necessary to keep themselves and others around them safe. 

Our Values



When participants and their prior knowledge and experience are treated respectfully in the learning process, learning is advanced. 



Engagement leads to increased identity, motivation, and interest which plays a central role in creating learning opportunities. 



Help promote changes in behaviour to have participants engage in thinking about not just treatment, but preventative measures as well. 

Quality Education

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​Teaching students in an effective way that aligns with the latest cognitive psychology.

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